Shoe and Boot Cleaning, Shining, and Refinishing in Wayzata, MN

Shoes - Shoe and Boot Cleaning in Wayzata, MN
You have all heard the aphorism that people judge you by your shoes and for many of us that may be true. Regardless of the raison d'etre, you may wear exceptional shoes; Bob's Shoe Repair can keep them looking that way whether you need a clean and shine or it's time for an entire refinish.
We know that not everyone goes through the airport weekly to get his or her shoes shined, so we can be your cool shoe-shine stand just around the corner. Besides, you cannot get your Uggs cleaned or the winter salt out of your shoes and boots at the shoe-stands like you can at Bob's Shoe Repair. We can do all of that and more.
It is obvious that you can "stretch" your paycheck by repairing your items rather than buying new, but did you know that Bob's can help most of your shoes and boots fit better? We can make them a bit longer, a bit wider, a bit of both, or give your toes a bit more wiggle room. We can stretch boot shafts, too!