Handbags, Luggage, and Patchwork in Wayzata, MN

Handbag - Bag and Luggage Repairs in Wayzata, MN
Do we repair handbags, briefcases, and luggage? That's an easy one to answer. YES. YES. YES!
Is your purse strap too long? Let us customize the length to suit your lifestyle and needs. Are the zippers not zipping or the latches not latching? We can fix that. Perhaps your leather purse or bag has some damage you would like repaired or you would like to have it reconditioned; we can do that too.
What about that favorite piece of luggage? Does a wheel need to be fixed? Did the gadget (the pull) fall off of the zipper slide? Or maybe the baggage handlers have been less than gentle with your luggage? Bring it to Bob's Shoe Repair.

What is Patchwork?

Well it is the work area in our shop where we take everything besides soles that needs to be patched or sewn. And calling it the "patchwork" bench was a lot simpler for us than saying, "Take it back to the 'purse, hockey equipment, leather coat, boot adjustment, do-hickey replacement, and boo-boo repair bench'".
What that means for you is that we can fix close to anything in your wardrobe that needs repair. To name a few, we can sew new zippers in your leather jackets, purses, and boots. We can sew that pesky spot on your boot where the seam opened. We replace tassels and other ornamentation on about anything. We patch and resew any area where a toe or other appendage is sticking out. We can shorten your belts so your pants don't fall off, and we can shorten handbag straps so the purse rests precisely where you want it to. We also heal the little wounds on your shoes, purses, belts, coats, gloves, and luggage.
In sum, there are a plethora of functions performed in our patchwork area -- so we can keep you enjoying your favorite outerwear and accessories. Perhaps there is a beloved, yet worn, item we can help you to be proud to use once again.