Sole and Heel Replacement in Wayzata, MN

Sole Replacement

Boots in the Snow - Shoe Repair in Wayzata, MN
The part of your shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground is the sole. In years past, leather was the most common material used, but leather does not hold up to the extreme weather conditions to which we expose our shoes. In response to these rigors, shoe manufacturers have created a myriad of materials. These materials, and styles too, change constantly. Bob's Shoe Repair secures the moving targets by both keeping up with supply changes whenever possible and by maximizing our creativity when replacement pieces are unattainable. We regularly think outside of the shoebox in order to save your soles.
Specifically, we repair or replace soles on women's or men's dress shoes, boots of any kind -- dress, work, cowboy, etc.--, work shoes, specialty shoes, and even wardrobe shoes from our local theaters. We will meet the challenges so that you can continue to enjoy wearing your favorite shoes. Of course, if you wear leather soles, we can repair or replace these time-honored favorites as well.

Heel Replacement

High Heels - Shoe Repair in Wayzata, MN
This part of the shoe always hits the pavement first, so naturally shows the most attrition. The way a person walks and what a person walks on determine how fast this part of the shoe will wear. If you wear high heels and rock back on them, you may need our services earlier than usual, but do not worry, we can replace them. Perhaps Mother Nature, or a sneaky grate, has made a wreck of the material wrapping your heel; we can fix that.
In fact, we can repair just about any heel with which you can challenge us. You do not need to know a dowel from a shank, or a v-plate from a block. All you need to know is that Bob's can fix it. Whether your pump has a heel the size of a pencil eraser, or your men's heel is larger than the palm of your hand, we can fix it.